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Industrial water filtration unit

Industrial water filtration unit introduction

The NRO Fusion system is combining standard (passive and active) filter techniques with high pressure Nano membrane filters which are easy to replace and are patented. The Nano fibers have a relatively large surface area which allows for a higher absorption rate of various constituents for improving water quality, a higher acid/basic and temperature resistance, environmental friendliness, and longer membrane life span and flexibility which enables the membrane to be formed into various membrane modules for larger commercial application.

Due to the high effectiveness of the membrane filter essential minerals and nutritions are retained in the water. This makes the system cost-efficient as it is no longer necessary to repeat the filtering process until water is ready for consumption. Moreover, the system can be provided with PV solar power energy panels, making it a complete sustainable solution for domestic, (light) commercial and agricultural use.

To conclude, the NRO fusion system is an unique system as it combines standard filter techniques with high pressure patented Nano membrane filters, resulting in efficient water treatment. The investment level of the NRO fusion system is relatively low, making the system affordable for many users.

Technical details
Industrial water filtration unit

Maximum operating limits
Operating Pressure: 20,7 bar
Temperature: 45 °C
Feed Flow: 2 m³/h
Chlorine Concentr.: <0,1 ppm
Feed water SDI (15 min): 3,0
Feed water Turbidity: 0,1 NTU
Max. TDS* inlet water = 1200
*TDS= Total Dissolved Solids
max. of organic and inorganic elements
Industrial water filtration unit - Brochure
Download Industrial water filtration unit brochure in PDF
Industrial water filtration unit - Gallery
Industrial water filtration unit
Industrial water filtration unit
Industrial water filtration unit